The pain management formulas compounded at New Age Pharmaceuticals include:

GABA (NAP)CREAM-1 (Gabapentin/Ketamine/Ketoprofen/Lidocaine 10/10/10/5%)

GABA(NAP)CREAM-3 (Gabapentin/Ketamine/Baclofen 10/10/4%)

GABA(NAP)CREAM-4 (Gabapentin/Ketoprofen/Lidocaine 6/10/10%)

KETO(NAP)CREAM-10 (Ketoprofen Cream 10%)

KETOPROFEN(NAP)CREAM-L (Ketopropen/Lidocaine 10/5%)

KETO(NAP)CREAM-C (Ketopropen/Cyclobenazeprine 20/2%)

KETO(NAP)CREAM-CL (Ketopropen/Lidocaine/Cyclobenazepril 20/5/2%)

LIDO(NAP)CREAM-10 (Lidocaine Cream 10%)

DICLO(NAP)CREAM-10 (Diclofenac Sodium 10%)

CAPS(NAP)CREAM-3 (Capsaicin 0.0375%/Menthol/Camphor)

CAPS(NAP)CREAM-5 (Capsaicin 0.05%/Menthol/Camphor)

These are only a few of the medications we frequently compound. If you are a physician and do not see a formulation that fits your patient’s needs, you are encouraged to Contact Napharm and consult with our pharmacists to create one for you